America and The New Divide

This morning I woke up and didn’t recognize my country.

This election cycle has been one if the most divisive in my lifetime. The incumbent, Barack Obama, ran one of the nastiest, most un-presidential campaigns that I have ever seen. Both guys threw blows, but one candidate was much more presidential in his tact and delivery.

Unfortunately for us he was also unwilling to attack the President’s performance when it mattered most, during the Foreign Policy debate. Libya was the most obvious, most successful route to undermine the Press’ reporting and the President’s own words. Romney, however, was unwilling to go on the offensive in the third debate because he had momentum that should’ve carried him through the election (turnouts from his last few campaign stops verify this); that is until Sandy hit the NE and the media largely ignored FEMA’s horrible ineptitude on the ground (It’s just as of yesterday being called the “Cold Katrina”).

A lot can be said for Romney and his campaign. That he was an “uninspiring candidate”, “too conservative”, “too rich”, that the “demographic of the electorate was wrong”. At the end of the day, though, his and his PAC’s GOTV movement failed miserably.

It’s not the candidate that failed conservatives in America, though. What we’re experiencing is the new Divide in America, an America where the majority of youth have always been handed everything. As children they were given trophies, as teenagers they were given endless tests where they weren’t ever challenged, and as young adults they were given easily accessible college tuition and education.

These young adults, ages 18-30, have been given everything and are in a “Hakuna Matata” phase of their lives, to borrow from the Lion King. They have abandoned the America their ancestors left for them because they grew up so much differently and don’t know any better. They need to see Mufasa fall from the proverbial cliff, be mired in and experience the pain that causes, and then realize that in order to restore Pride Rock to the place they and their parents grew up in that it will require hard work and dedication on their part.

We’re not there yet and I don’t know what will trigger it for everyone, some of us have already experienced it and are starting to do our part. I pray for the sake of this great nation that its not something catastrophic and that we can all come together to rebuild this great country as a nation united behind hard work and integrity when it does happen. Because if the majority never get out of the “Hakuna Matata” phase, I fear what will become of our great history.

May God bless you and our Great Nation.

Bengals: Marvin Lewis vs. Chad Johnson

This offseason has been full of jabs between Marvin Lewis and Chad Johnson (Ochocinco). You could say that it started in Week 17 when Chad sat out of the Ravens game and Lewis challenged his commitment to the team (after Chad had visibly been playing injured since the Monday night game). After that there was a ton of drama through January and Chad talked a bunch of trash even going as far to say that he wanted to fight Lewis in a “cage match”.

Since then the back and forth between the two has been minimal, everyone has been focusing on Carson Palmer and all the changes taking place around Paul Brown Stadium. That is, until today when someone asked Lewis what he thought of Chad’s MLS tryout. Lewis went on to slam Chad by saying:

“How does he do at anything? What has he ever done that he’s completed? What circle has he ever connected in any way?”

Way to be an adult, Marvin Lewis. Rather than say something productive, encouraging or just simply “no comment” you go and blast him on a national stage. Aren’t you supposed to be a leader on the team, setting good examples for everyone in the organization? Instead you yourself help create more distractions and drama for the Bengals.

Remember the old proverb: If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Both you and Chad could learn from those words of wisdom.

Its no wonder Carson Palmer would rather retire than play another season with this team, they’re literally self destructing in front of our very eyes. Certainly there is someone on the team who is willing to step up and be an adult, set an example and lead this team. It almost seems as if Carson has been the only leader on this football team all along.

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NFL Draft – Veterans vs Rookies

There’s a lot of talk out there since the lockout about if incoming rookies should even attend the draft. Some veterans say that they should skip it altogether to show a unity with the veteran players while others say that they shouldn’t miss out on this once in a lifetime event. Personally I think these [...]

March 19, 2011 0
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I need an Adult.

I always knew the parenting gig was going to be a tough one. For some reason, though, I thought I was ready for it (while at the same time thinking that no one is ever ready for it). After my second night alone with our 12 day old Daughter I can safely say that I [...]

March 9, 2011 2
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The Achievement Points of Parenting.

So I was thinking today that being spit up on was like 50 “parenting points”, but then realized that this was probably an inflated value and that I should sit down and figure out a points system completely. What did I come up with? See for yourself: Spit Up – White: 10 Spit Up – [...]

March 9, 2011 0
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Saudi Revolution, coming to a Middle East near you.

With most all of the Middle East on fire one of the last bastions of stability has been Saudi Arabia. So far at least there has only been minimal protests and demonstrations, and those were largely related to the Governments response to flooding. Well, it seems that a Saudi revolution is being scheduled through facebook. [...]

February 22, 2011 0
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Ohio Senate Bill 5

Ohio Senate Bill 5 is the bill against Collective Bargaining for Local and State Government workers Unions. The debate has heated up and theres a lot of misinformation on both sides of the court. The best thing I can recommend to anyone before they take a stance on this bill is to read it. There [...]

February 21, 2011 0
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Watson still far from perfect.

As has been displayed on Jeopardy the past couple of days, Watson is not quite perfect. The problem is quite complex, but I’ll do my best to describe it. Watson takes a question and determines keywords then returns an answer. Depending on the keywords that are picked it will gauge how strongly the answer can [...]

February 16, 2011 0
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Middle East unrest spreads.

Egypt style protests are now happening in Iran, Bahrain and Libya. Iran comes as no surprise, given the protests they were having after the “rigged” elections of 2009. The Green Movement is working hard again in Iran and the government there has already started forceful shutdowns of shops and demonstrations. At least two people have [...]

February 15, 2011 0
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What will become of Egypt?

Only time will tell us exactly what the outcome of the revolution in Egypt will be. Personally I’ve heard everything from 1791 America to 1979 Iran and everything in-between. The true nature of the “new democracy” will show its face to everyone once the dust has settled on the streets and their new leaders are [...]

February 12, 2011 0
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