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Indiana Jones

Went and saw the newest installment to the Indiana Jones series today, and I must say that for being 65 Harrison Ford can still play a good Indiana Jones. Now, while it was of standard Indiana Jones fanfare it wasn’t exactly your classic Indiana Jones. Lets not go into that yet, though.

So here we are in 2008, 27 years after Raiders of the Lost Ark and 17 years removed from the Cold War. Now I know that Indy was always up against Commies, but in todays world is there really room for old Indy? I’d like to think that people could get past the old hang ups of the cold war and take it for what it is supposed to be, entertainment.

Back to the movie, it was everything you would expect Indiana Jones to be with some added Steven Spielberg flair. That flair was the worst part of the movie, unfortunately. How would you like to see an old school Indiana Jones where instead of going to find the Holy Grail and eternal life he instead goes to find the secrets of a lost civilization, only to find out that they are beings from another planet, aliens if you will, and his entire quest ends with him helping them piece themselves back into one and launch their centuries old space ship that had been buried beneath the ground back into outer space. Well if you’re into that kind of movie then thats exactly what Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is.

My biggest gripe with this movie is the sci-fi element that George Lucas decided would be a good idea to branch out into. Steven Spielberg did a wonderful job directing this film in that direction, but shame on Lucas for even contemplating taking Indiana Jones down an extraterrestrial path. Now you haven’t only ruined Star Wars with the failure that was your Prequels, but you had to drag Indiana Jones down into your cellar and beat it with a bat too… shame on you.

Thats not to say that the movie isn’t entertaining, it very much is. Just after further review and thought on the movie I’m upset and disappointed with the direction that was taken and I certainly hope that they just stop now while they’re ahead… it can only get worse from here.

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By dhert
On May 31, 2008
At 7:50 pm
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iPhone deliciousness

Apparently my iPhone just got better, I can update the blog with it. Now that may not seem like anything special to someone who doesn’t have an iPhone, but to someone who was just checking to see if it would work its pretty incredible. Though the small framing means I probably won’t ever do this again.

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Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Ok, so I’m a little late on jumping on the bandwagon on this one. I’ll admit that I wanted to see it from the get go, I just never got around to it. Now that I did go see it I’m elated with how good it was, and how couldn’t it be with songs like “Peter you suck” or “Inside you”.

Jason Segel was a genius in writing this movie, not just because it was hilarious. Beyond that it was intelligent and it explored the relationship between the two people who had split, put them in awkward situations and otherwise dazzled you by how the characters evolved, or in some cases devolved, through the movie. If I could get this movie on DVD right now, I would. So I’ll treat you with the best two songs from the movie (or at least the two that stick out the most in my mind).

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By dhert
On May 30, 2008
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Went Biking instead

New Bikes So my Culinary skills, or lack there of, didn’t get any use today. Instead we went and used some of the gift cards we got from our wedding on brand new bikes. We ended up calling a couple of our friends and going to one of the local parks to ride them around.

At the park we did 3 miles, which is about 3 miles more than I’ve ridden a bike in the past 7 years or so. It was a great time and we all had a lot of fun, I’m sure we’ll be doing it a lot more since I’m sort of on a health kick recently. Afterwards we went to Fridays to eat and while I did eat heathier than I normally would have, I certainly didn’t eat as healthy as I could have… someone slap me on the wrists, I’ve been bad.

On that note, while we were down in Florida we ate at Bahama Breeze where I had a beautifully done appetizer of Chicken wings in a sweet Habanero sauce. That wasn’t the best part because for dinner I had a jerk painted Salmon that came with the most wonderful salsa. It was called Apple Mango Salsa, and as soon as I sampled it I said “I want this on a burrito.” Thankfully due to the powers of the internet its entirely possible to do, so I present you with this recipe.

Apple Mango Salsa

½ pound – Apples Granny Smith, core removed, diced ¼”
½ pound – Mango, firm ripe peeled, diced ¼”
4 oz wt – Red bell pepper, diced ¼”
4 oz wt – Red onion, diced ¼”
½ cup – Orange juice, fresh squeezed
2 Tbsp – Lime juice, fresh squeezed
3 Tbsp – Cilantro, chopped ¼”
Salt to taste
Place all the ingredients in a large bowl and mix well to evenly combine.
Serve chilled. ENJOY!!
Serves 6.
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By dhert
On May 29, 2008
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Cooking trials start tonight.

So I’ve been wanting to take up cooking for a while, and after finding some delicious recipes through an old gaming friends website (Squidly’s site) I’ve decided to tackle it head on. Tonight I’m thinking of making Orange-Honey Glazed Chicken, if not that probably Chicken and Mushroom Marsala.

Anyway, the chicken is thawing now and I’m ready to cook later on tonight. I’ll post with pictures of the outcome later tonight (unless we end up cooking out at a friends… that did seem to happen a lot on Thursdays before the wedding).

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And so it begins…

The two of us cutting our wedding cakeSo the wedding went off without a hitch, or at least one that was easily ignored. We got married 12 days ago (on the 16th of May). We had a blast with most of our friends and family and partied as was necessary.

We left for the honeymoon the next day, down in good ol’ humid Orlando, FL.  We visited Disney, Seaworld and Medieval Times (great food and a good show, btw). Basically we just had a great week together enjoying each others company.

Now that we’re back I’ve set up this little site.  I plan to make some improvements along the way and personalize it a lot more.  For now, this is it… but expect to see a lot of changes through the next couple months.

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By dhert
On May 28, 2008
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