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Acacia: The War with the Mein

Just finished my prolonged reading of book one of the Acacia series. I must say that was very impressed with how the book turned out, though I did have my gripes with it. I can sort of see where the series is headed with the end of the epilogue and I think it has a bright future.

The book itself is broken up into 3 parts. The first of these parts is called The King’s Idyll, which turned out to be the slowest part of the book. In retrospect it was the slowest part of the book because it was setting up the history of the children and what they were before part 2 of the book. All in all The King’s Idyll picked up toward the end as the war with the Mein got underway. The biggest letdown of this was that the Acacian army was obliterated in a small number of pages by a plague that the Meins had suffered, and thus had an immunity to, before. The children of the King, meanwhile, had been whisked away into hiding.

Part 2 of the book, titled Exiles, begins with the different main players in the story from the Acacian side being in exile (the children, an advisor to the king and a general of the Acacian army). Its been nine years since the end of the war for control of the known world and it details what every person has gone through in their years removed from greatness. Becoming physically fit, a pirate, a goddess walking the earth and a concubine to the new ruler of the known world are what the children faced. It detailed their lives since being whisked away into exile together and eventually whisked from that exile apart from each other. Each were supposed to be primed differently in areas of the world for the revolt that was to come, but only one of the children reached their actual destination. This chapter went along like this for some time until the advisor to the king showed himself again and got things in motion, leading to the 3rd part of the book.

In Living Myth, the 3rd part of the book, people are becoming united behind the eldest son of the king and tales of his legend since finding a mythical people. All of this leads to the 2nd war with the Mein (the Acacians turn out the victors, obviously). My only gripe with the entire book was the willing sacrifice of what was the hero of the story, Aliver Akaran. He became a martyr in the name of his people and their war, while diminishing the hopes of victory at the same time. The entire weight of the war landed on the shoulders of his two younger siblings (the 3rd was held in the palace as a type of ‘free’ prisoner, but obviously not allowed to leave). The outcome of the battle Aliver’s troops were involved in eventually turned out to be a bloody, gory victory… but the overall victory had been set up by the eldest daughter of the King, who had been held closely to the leadership of the new monarchy all along.

Overall it was an incredible read and I’d suggest it to anyone. My advice to that would be to charge through the first part of the book headstrong as fast as you could, as it was definetly the dullest part of the entire story.

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By dhert
On June 19, 2008
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The Book of Joby

I actually finished this book back in October, just wanted to move the brief review of it to the blog.

If you looked at this book and passed it up because you’ve never heard of the writer, go back and get it because its well worth the read. Its basically a book about the power of love, the joy and imagination of a child and how that imagination blossoms. I don’t want to say too much about the book here, cause I know I’d just spill the beans before anyones truly given it a good read. It sizes in at 638 pages, three parts. It really pulls you in right from the beginning and you just want to keep reading and feeding your own imagination.

The writer, Mark J. Ferrari did art for fantasy books (mainly) before he wrote this book of his own. He goes into great detail describing the scenes and looks of everything, as well as sculpting the characters and letting them grow before your eyes. For being his first book, its truly amazing what he was able to pull off and I can hardly contain myself in waiting for his second book (which will not be related to this book at all).

If you’re a stickler for Hardcover you’ll have to special order it at your bookstore or on Amazon, but this book is very deserving of being owned in hardcover. Its something I’ll have my own kids read one day(you know, when I have kids).

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By dhert
On June 17, 2008
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Hulk Smash!

Just recently got out of the theater from seeing the new Hulk. This version of the Hulk should make everyone forget about the abomination that Ang Lee made, thankfully I never witnessed that abomination myself. Louis Leterrier simply did a wonderful job making this film.

Thats not to discredit the actors at all. Edward Norton did a great job playing Bruce Banner and Liv Tyler was amazing as Dr. Ross. I highly recommend fans of Iron Man go out and see this movie, it may not have been as good as Iron Man (I’m biased that way) but it was certainly better than X3, Spiderman as a whole and the original Hulk movie. Haters of the original Hulk movie, forgive Marvel and bury that hatchet (still hold on to your hatchets vs Ang Lee) and go give this movie a shot, I promise you’ll be greatly surprised.

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By dhert
On June 13, 2008
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Grilled Chicken… sort of.

Grilled Skilleted Chicken So I was tasked with cooking dinner and decided to use a recipe from Cooking for Engineers with some slight modifications.  I used the Grilled Skinless Chicken Breast recipe and since I had pulled the chicken out of the freezer only about an hour and a half before hand I skipped the brine process and jumped straight to the rubbing and cooking.  When it came to the cooking I decided it was a better idea to cook it inside away from the heat of the outdoors (and the added heat of the grill) and instead stayed inside cooking the chicken on the skillet.

The dish turned out very well, in fact it still tasted like it come from the grill (I give the spices credit for that).  Thankfully I was also able to pull it off without completely drying up the meat.  I’d recommend this recipe to anyone willing to try it, who knows maybe next time I’ll actually follow all the steps to the letter and see if it tastes even better.

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By dhert
On June 10, 2008
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Heat Wave

Just when I thought Florida weather was hot, this current heatwave in Cincinnati proves me wrong again and again. Its so hot and humid up here that it feels like we’re actually still in Florida. Though looking at the forecasts for next week looks promising, considering highs are supposed to be in the 70s.

I can’t wait for lower temperatures.

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By dhert
On June 9, 2008
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Helping people move…

D in a B… in 90 degree heat is not fun, except for when you make it fun. To the left you see our friend Gabe and a hilarious picture inspired by “Dick in a Box”. Now he didn’t actually do any steps from the song, but he did manage to get it to stay there which was both impressive and comedic.

The moving, overall, wasn’t bad. There were a few flights of stairs to carry stuff up, but it was a good workout (that also happened to be much needed). The worst part of the whole thing was the bird bath, considering it was a solid concrete design rather than the usual hollowed out base with a heavy bottom. Carried that by myself which probably wasn’t so good on the ol’ back, but that hasn’t been giving me as many problems recently (must be the decreased time sitting in front of the computer and more time actually doing something).

And now for your enjoyment I give you “Dick in a Box”.

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By dhert
On June 7, 2008
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My D-link router

Apparently downloading overnight on my D-link router sends it into a dying panic that usually takes at least a week to recover from… I don’t understand it.  I have a Linksys backup thats never failed me (only replaced it so I could actually play on Xbox Live, which I hardly ever do anymore… so).  I think I might just take a sledge hammer to it, now that sounds like fun.

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By dhert
On June 4, 2008
At 9:30 pm
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Storms are fun

Series of storms tearing across southern Ohio right now, fun times.  At least one valid tornado, so some people are in danger… however its ruining my viewing of Hell’s Kitchen, which I’ll now have to watch on or download.

Its not that I don’t care, but this counties handling of these things is completely retarded.  In the event of a severe thunderstorm warning they throw off the tornado sirens…  which most people intelligently reserve for actual tornadoes.  This county needs to fix this issue, because its lead to a desensitization of the siren and most people don’t even think twice when it goes off.

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By dhert
On June 3, 2008
At 9:44 pm
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Don’t Mess with the Zohan

Getting ready to go see a sneak preview of Zohan. Kind of stoked to be going to see it early, since Adam Sandler tends to be a funny man. I’ll update this after the fact with a semi-review.

Alright, having returned from seeing Zohan I’m going to be brief and save a full review for after its out and I’ve seen it again with the wife. First of all, is it worth the entrance fee? Yes, astoundingly yes. I suggest everyone who is a lover of comedies go out and see this movie, it won’t let you down. Second, it has all the normal Adam Sandler flick players as well as some fresh new faces that make the movie simply hilarious. Thats all I’ll disclose for now.

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By dhert
On June 2, 2008
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PoJu is home!

PoJu, or Junior as hes actually called, is home. Our sick little parvo puppie is all better and able to mingle with the other dogs again. He spent the last 2 weeks up with my parents in Podunk, OH.

So now we got our special little guy back in our house playing with his brother, mother and father.  Having 5 dogs is crazy times…  really crazy times.

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By dhert
On June 1, 2008
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