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So the local AMC got this Limited Release movie this weekend, one I’ve been waiting about 6 months to see. Finally I was able to (its been on Limited Release for about the past month, since 2/6).

If you’re like me and have been waiting to see this movie, its well worth the wait. Both with geekdom, hot chicks (mainly Kristen Bell) and the classic Star Trek/Star Wars rivalry. I was laughing almost non-stop and its really a shame that America at large can’t enjoy this movie like I have.

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By dhert
On March 2, 2009
At 12:53 pm
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Watchmen (Graphic Novel)

So I started to become intrigued by the commercials for the Watchmen movie thats coming out this Friday and a couple of the guys I work with were reading the series. After Nate had finished reading it he loaned it to me to read, which I did in a little under a week. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

I don’t want to go into it too much until I see the movie, then I can weigh the differences and see if what they cut was actually something I think they could have. Personally I don’t think there was much I would want to cut from the comic, some of the filler in there was even pretty vital to the entire story line.

Keep in mind that Alan Moore had his name taken off this movie much like V for Vendetta, but not for From Hell or League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Either the guy is insane or he knows what hes doing, I think I would’ve taken my name off of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen rather than V for Vendetta. Then again, I hear they raped the comic version when they did the film for V for Vendetta.

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By dhert
At 12:08 pm
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