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Overton Window

This Thriller from Glenn Beck is absolutely amazing.  It was so entertaining and enlightening (because of the facts he was able to weave into the narrative) that I may just have to go back and read it again.  I made it through this book in under 24 hours because I was so enthralled.

It starts out in a desert with the killing of Eli Churchill and just progresses from there.  The main character in the book is the son of a wealthy man who has been working his entire career as a Public Relations guy and owns his own firm where his son, Noah, is in the family business.  Noah, however, isn’t informed at how entrenched his father is at radically changing the country. That is until he meets Molly, her crew of committed Patriots and things start falling into place.

I don’t want to dissect the book much further because I truly believe everyone should go out and pick this up or borrow from a friend and be thoroughly entertained, even if just for a few evenings.

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The First Law Series

It took me a longer than I’d like to admit to get through this series, but it was well worth it.

First of all, this is one of the bloodiest, goriest and gruesome book series I’ve ever read, but that is the universe that the book is set in. Above all else this series shines at character development and interaction.  It comes in a close second with its story telling.  In fact I’ve already picked up ‘Best Served Cold’ to read once I finish the newest ‘Acacia’ book.

The first book works as the the base of a building. It introduces all of the characters that become vital in the later books: Bayaz, Logen, Ferro, Sand dan Glokta, Jezal dan Luthar, Captain West and others.  All of these characters are seperate entities and it weaves in and out between all of them frequently to craft a masterpiece throughout.  The end product of the first book ‘The Blade Itself…’ is that all these people, some of which originated in far away places, are now in the center of the book’s world, Adua.

The second book, ‘Before They Are Hanged’, picks up where the first left off.  Nations head to war and vital characters are assembled as a exploration party under the lead of Bayaz to the edge of the world.  Most of the book is spent going between two warfronts and Bayaz’s party of Logen Ninefingers, Ferro, Jezal, Longfoot and Quai traveling to the edge of the world.  This book took me the longest to get through because most of the action wasn’t focused around the characters I thought of as the most important.  Instead the action was all placed in the Union fighting the Northmen and Sand dan Glokta fighting off a Gurkish invasion.  Though the action did pick up for the main party towards the end of the book, their journey ended up being somewhat of a failure, the only success in it was the growth of the characters throughout.

The third book, ‘The Last Argument of Kings’, was by far the best book of the series.  Non-stop action as the Gurkish move north into Union Territory and the Union, with the help of Logen and the other Northmen from throughout the series, finish their fight with the Northmen and head back home to defend Adua.  Ferro finally finds what Bayaz was searching for at the edge of the world, which allows him to fend off the Gurkish and destroy much of the city.  The book wraps up revealing that Bayaz had been the money behind everything that had happened throughout the story and that he had been controlling the city, indirectly, for centuries.

Overall the series was amazing.  At the best of its times it was absolutely incredible to read, at the worst of its times it was absolutely boring to wade through (though thankfully the boring parts weren’t that long and the author, Joe Abercrombie, rushed to get back into action and keep things interesting).  I would highly recommend this book series to any fantasy fan and any book reader in general.

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Book Reviews in the Works

I recently finished reading my 4th book in the past 3 weeks.  I also hadn’t posted any book reviews from before those books.  Suffices to say that those are in the works and will be posted in the coming weeks. I will also post my iPhone 4 roundup along with all of them.

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