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A Good Day

Today’s been a good day for those who oppose the health care legislation and for fans of the Cincinnati Bengals. If you happen to fall in both camps its probably one of the best days on record this year and its only the end of January.

A U.S. District Judge in Florida has ruled that the individual mandate of the new Health Care Law is unconstitutional. It’s inevitable that this case will end up in the Supreme Court for the Justices there to decide, and given the track record so far one could argue that they will hold with this decision. That is not to say that Congress doesn’t have the power to regulate the Health Care system, but they certainly don’t have the power to require citizens to purchase it.

As for news on the Bengals front I’m proud to announce that everyone’s favorite target this year, Offensive Coordinator Bob Bratkowski, is now unemployed. While I feel for anyone searching for a job in this climate, his time had certainly passed. After having a top 10 offense during the ’05-’07 seasons he’s put up sub 20 numbers since and this year he had what could be called the most talented offense this city has seen since ’89. Numbers show what he was able to do with the talent and it wasn’t much.

Rumors which were previously rather mild are now sweltering with the idea that the Bengals could take advantage of the Vikings paying Childress $3 million/year for the next two years to bring him in as Offense Coordinator now at a discount. Other rumors are promoting the current QBs coach and hiring Jim Zorn. The reality will be known in the coming weeks and certainly will be effected by Mike Brown. I, for one, am hoping they bring on Childress, but thats just me.

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By dhert
On January 31, 2011
At 4:30 pm
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Middle east…

The middle east is on fire, literally and figuratively. Fires have broken out in Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Jordan, Yemen, Morocco and Egypt which include protests and riots in these countries wanting to overthrow/replace their government. The people are sick of their governments and are demanding more freedom and democracy. There are also signs that protests are starting in Saudi Arabia and hundreds have already been detained there.

I propose that we pray for the people in these countries.  No matter what God you believe in, these are troubling times for everyone in the world. I hope that an acceptable resolution comes quickly.

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By dhert
On January 29, 2011
At 3:47 pm
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Cincinnati Bengals…

Never have I seen a team in so much turmoil. I was going to wait to opine on what’s happened this offseason, but its really past the point of tolerating any further.

Here you have an organization promising change, but not taking any actions towards real change. You bring back an overall average Head Coach who does a lot for the community, that I’m fine with. Marvin Lewis then states that him and Mike Brown are on the same page, the problem here is that Brown’s page has always been one of undermining the coaching staff. Where does that leave us?

Our Franchise QB, Carson Palmer, wants out specifically because the change he’s wanted to see hasn’t happened and Cedric Benson doesn’t want to come back for the same reason. The fans have been asking for the same change all season, fire Bratkowski the Offensive Coordinator. The Offense was dismal last season and wasn’t much better the season before that. Bratkowski hasn’t put up a good offense since 2005 and coincidentally thats the year Carson went down with a knee injury.

So is Bratkowski the problem, or is it Carson Palmer? I would have to say that the problem is both. Carson is obviously past his prime and hasn’t ever been the same player since Kimo von Oelhoffen rolled up on his knee in the playoffs in 2005. Bratkowski has been telegraphing plays for a decade now. Need an example? If you see a RB line up 7 yards behind the line of scrimmage 75% of the time its a run to the right, the other 25% is a split between up the middle or to the left.

So what does the team do to improve? There are a ton of people coming off contracts of the next couple of years. Theres going to be a lot of uncertainty on Offensive line, which means uncertainty on Offense as a whole. I think what we need to do is let Carson retire and pull in an older experienced QB for a year to teach a rookie we draft with pick #4 (which would hopefully be Cam Newton) and work on improving the O line. You also have to get some late round talent to spread around the entire team since we’ll be losing major names on Defense over the next couple years (Jonathan Joseph, this year, and Leon Hall, next year, come to mind).

Overall this team is in a state of distress. Mike Brown has never listened to the fans and has always hoarded control over the team. He brought back an overall mediocre Head Coach in Marvin Lewis and won’t let him make the changes needed to help the team prosper. What we really need is a GM to come in and make football decisions in Mike Brown’s place, because Mike Brown is obviously flying this plane into the ground.

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By dhert
On January 28, 2011
At 1:14 pm
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SotU response…

After taking a day to ingest what other people had to say about last nights State of the Union, I have to agree with a lot of things that were said. The speech did fall flat, there were a few obvious pauses in the speech for laughter after jokes that just weren’t funny. Obama spent a majority of the time praising China and all they’ve done while stating that we haven’t spent enough money to do the same, but we also need to make spending cuts to save our nation.

In the end it was just another stump speech from a guy whose supposed to be a great speaker. He’s trying to play both sides of the aisle and maybe that’s why the speech fell flat; or maybe it’s because the magic is finally wearing off and the country is seeing him for what he really is, just another politician from Washington.

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By dhert
On January 27, 2011
At 1:11 am
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State of the Union…

I’m going to be candid for a moment. The job market is still crap, contrary to popular belief.

Our President is out there saying recovery is happening, the sad fact is that it is not. People are still unemployed, no matter how hard they have tried, and people are still underwater. Maybe he’s just skewed by what he see’s in D.C. (the lowest nationwide unemployment rate), but the bailout did absolutely nothing for the common individual.

Invention and Entrepreneurship are the only options for some, and two of the major ways America will pull out of this. Someone is out there right now inventing something, writing something or making a new business. Kudos to them, I pray that they are a success.

Tonight is the State of the Union address. If Obama starts off by saying that our Union is “strong”, then he is clearly not paying attention to what is going on out in Real America. Our Union is weak, it is gasping and it is deeply in debt. It needs to take a look in the mirror and realize that it has a spending problem, then it needs to join a group for people with an addiction. Only when we, as a nation, face our problems and accept them as our own can we get out of this. I pray our nation sees this as an opportunity to grow up and then actually go through the process of fixing the problems.

God bless, one and all.

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By dhert
On January 25, 2011
At 8:40 pm
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Moving on…

I’ve been an active member in World of Warcraft since March of 2005. I’ve taken time off here and there, my longest stretch being about 6 months during Wrath of the Lich King. I still enjoy the game, however I’m also about to become a father. Amidst all of that I am also unemployed and currently working on several ideas while sending out my resume and fighting with unemployment.

Needless to say, there’s a lot of change going on around the house, a lot of creativity I’m trying to channel and a lot of reading that I’m doing. I’m starting to feel that I’ve used WoW as a crutch to not face my problems, both past and present, and that it’s time to cut the cord and face feelings I’ve been avoiding for around a decade. I’ve thought maybe I can just cut down my gameplay to a couple hours a day, but that still becomes a hindrance in my quest to become a better man for my family and myself.

And to think all of this has been spurred by church and ‘The 7’ by Glenn Beck and Dr. Keith Ablow. I don’t know if this is my “come to Jesus” moment, it could be. I just know that I feel as though I’m being called to do something greater and I have distractions getting in my way.

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By dhert
On January 20, 2011
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Grilled Brown Sugar Pork Chops

This is a recipe I used last night, though I baked the Chops in the oven since the weather isn’t quite apt for cooking on the grill. The glaze didn’t turn out as a glaze and instead more of a marinade, but I was able to make it work by rubbing it into the Chops and making sure there was a nice layer on the meat in the oven. For a first attempt at the recipe it wasn’t bad, though next time I’ll have to remove/replace the ginger at my Wife’s request.

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By dhert
On January 19, 2011
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Took what is possibly one of the best pictures we’ve ever gotten of one of our dogs and I just thought I’d share it.

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By dhert
On January 18, 2011
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So I’ve been drawing recently, this is an early version of something I’ve been drawing. I think there are a lot of different meanings in the drawing, or at least the concept that is in my head. Once its completed and colored I will have it on the site for everyone to enjoy and critique.

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Revolution also means growth or kicking bad habits. Going forward I’m going to do my best to kick one of my more annoying habits for people that happen to be into typography, that being using double spaces after a sentence. I can’t promise that it won’t creep up every once in a while, but if it does I do promise to go back and fix it. That said here’s a nice article I read on the topic.

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By dhert
On January 14, 2011
At 5:10 pm
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