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Violence in Egypt

Violence has broken out between whats being described as “Pro Mubarak” demonstrators and “Anti-Government” demonstrators in both Cairo and Alexandria. For now they’re only throwing rocks at each other, though injuries are still mounting. What we’re seeing is an absolute travesty and we can only hope that order returns to the region soon.

Watch what’s happening here.

NBC’s Brian Williams is reporting that this all started when paid government “thugs” were interjected into the crowds and thats when this violence broke out. This claim would make sense given the protesters from both sides were very peaceful and working together up until today. UPDATE, 10:45am: Al Jazeera was just showing video from earlier today where Protesters were holding up IDs of Police force members who came in and started violence amongst the groups.

Military has taken over the Egyptian Museum and have been using it as a base. Warning shots have started to ring out over the crowds and are clearly audible on Al Jazeera’s live feed.

UPDATE, 2:00pm: Pro-Mubarak supporters have begun using Molotov Cocktails, Whips, Sticks and Swords over the past several hours. Reports indicate that ~750 people have been injured, Egypt’s Health ministry reports closer to 400 people. More Pro-Mubarak supporters have been “taken into custody” and Egyptian Police ID’s have been found on them, making it pretty clear that the Egyptian government is involved in this violence.

UPDATE, 4:30pm: More evidence has come to light that the Pro-Mubarak supporters have been bussed in from the country side and in many cases are being organized by the National Democratic Party, which currently runs the government. CNN has been hearing from many Pro-Mubarak demonstrators that they work for the government and there have been many rumors that these supporters are being paid for their being there. This MSNBC article sheds a lot of light on the situation.

UPDATE, 10:00pm: Reports from Anti-Mubarak demonstrators in Tahrir Square on Al Jazeera are that shots have been fired coming from the Pro-Mubarak crowd. Egyptian military are still sitting on the sidelines while all of this goes on, but some fear if they don’t intercede soon that this could turn into an absolute tragedy.

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