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Bengals new O.C.

Bengals have hired on a new Offensive Coordinator, Jay Gruden. The last name should sound familiar if you follow football, since Jon Gruden lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a Super Bowl XXVII victory in 2002. Jay is Jon’s brother and was an Offensive Assistant Coach with Tampa Bay during that season (and up til ’08).

So what should we expect? Smash Mouth Football. We’re talking Fullback in the back field running in front of our Running Back and clearing massive holes style. This is the kind of change you would expect to see for a team planning on keeping their current Running Backs and losing major names in the passing game. So long as the Offensive Line holds together and we can keep up the production we’ve had on the Defense and Special Teams it could mark a stark difference from this year where we had no real identity on Offense. It also means having someone in the O.C. job that will hold the Offensive players accountable for everything they do both on and off the field.

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By dhert
On February 3, 2011
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