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Violence in Egypt, Day 2.

After 15 hours of violence yesterday everything had finally come to a calm. Anti-Mubarak demonstrators set up what looks like a patchwork wall and base camp in Tahrir square. This morning at around 9:45am EST heavy gunfire broke out around Liberation square in Cairo, the sounds were of heavy caliber automatic weaponry. Its not clear at this point if the gunfire is coming from Egyptian Military firing into the air to clear out fighting between sides or if the Pro-Mubarak side has obtained heavy weaponry.

Keeping my eyes peeled as the situation changes. Pray for all the people in Egypt, that they see peace and transition soon.

UPDATE, 10:10am EST: It has been confirmed that the sustained heavy gunfire was the Egyptian Military firing warning shots. They were clearing out Pro-Mubarak protesters from Liberation square.

CNN was shooting live yesterday afternoon when a Pro-Mubarak protester went to throw a Molotov Cocktail at the Anti-Mubarak crowd when he failed horribly and set himself on fire. Chances are the poor guy was injured badly, as he ran after it happened rather than stopping, dropping and rolling.

Clarification: Liberation Square and Tharir Square are the same thing. It’s absolutely beyond me why there are two different names for it.

UPDATE, 5:15pm EST: Here’s a story no one else is really talking about anywhere else and something I’ve been saying to keep an eye on. Silent Protests in Saudi Arabia, which is much bigger news than it may seem to someone outside of the region. Saudi Arabia is quite possibly the most stable country in the Middle East and silent protests there could lead to much bigger things no one would really expect.

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