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Egypt: Military Coup by Popular Demand

Mubarak has officially stepped down as President of Egypt. Power of the country has been handed over to the Military, this in essence has become a ‘soft’ Military Coup. The questions now swirl as to who exactly the Military will promote to lead the country, or if there will be a “democratic” vote.

If a vote happens expect the Islamic Fascists (Muslim Brotherhood) to snatch control and kick all the Communist groups that helped them out of the country (this include Labor Unions and Code Pink). They will be very Anti-Israel and United States. This change could take a few months or only a few weeks, but chances are we’re seeing the rise of another Iran in the Middle East.

This comes on the 32nd Anniversary of the Iran royal regime falling during the Iranian Revolution of 1979.

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By dhert
On February 11, 2011
At 12:00 pm
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