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What will become of Egypt?

Only time will tell us exactly what the outcome of the revolution in Egypt will be. Personally I’ve heard everything from 1791 America to 1979 Iran and everything in-between. The true nature of the “new democracy” will show its face to everyone once the dust has settled on the streets and their new leaders are voted in.

The one comparison I haven’t heard is 1933 Germany, most likely because that was a “democratic” take over with Hitler being voted into power. However, with the Islamic fascists running the uprising in Egypt would a comparison to early 30s Germany be that far off? I estimate that it would not be too far, specifically if the Muslim Brotherhood is able to take power in the country.

History has a tendency to repeat itself, whether we notice it or not. Its usually when we least realize it that something important has happened that somewhat mirrors a prior event in history, when its something major like this we tend to over-analyze and miss the major storyline that truly should be noticed. In this case, the fascists in the Muslim Brotherhood and their propping up ElBaradei.

The next few months of Egypt’s political scene should be interesting to watch unfold. They should be paid attention to much like a scientist would when testing a major theory. What happens with the elections and in the time after, depending on which group takes power, will point us in the direction that Egypt is headed… hopefully that is not in a 1917 Russia, 1933 Germany or 1979 Iran path.

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By dhert
On February 12, 2011
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