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Middle East unrest spreads.

Egypt style protests are now happening in Iran, Bahrain and Libya.

Iran comes as no surprise, given the protests they were having after the “rigged” elections of 2009. The Green Movement is working hard again in Iran and the government there has already started forceful shutdowns of shops and demonstrations. At least two people have already been killed.

Libya should also come as no surprise, given its proximity to Egypt. Bahrain is a bit more concerning considering its proximity to Saudi Arabia, though it may not have much effect on the Saudis given the island’s small stature.

Given that protests have already come Yemen, Jordan, Syria, Algeria, and Morocco it may be time to zoom out of the region a bit and keep a keen eye focused on Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the Southern European countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. If this is all tied to the Muslim Brotherhood and like-minded groups we could be seeing the start of a Islamic Caliphate, just as Glenn Beck had warned and the New York Times affirmed.

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By dhert
On February 15, 2011
At 9:29 am
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