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Watson still far from perfect.

As has been displayed on Jeopardy the past couple of days, Watson is not quite perfect. The problem is quite complex, but I’ll do my best to describe it. Watson takes a question and determines keywords then returns an answer. Depending on the keywords that are picked it will gauge how strongly the answer can be trusted.

This is sort of the system most people use with Google. Take a question you have, take keywords from that question and then plug it into the Google search engine. You can actually get some of the same results from Google with the full questions from Jeopardy, though certainly not all of them. The reason for this is Google obviously only uses keywords and won’t take full text then determine keywords on its own.

IBM still has a few things to tweak, and possibly quite a few more things to program in, before Watson will be completely ready. I have a few ideas in mind, though I’m sure its stuff the brains at IBM have already thought of. Off to draw up flowcharts with the ideas already in practice vs my idea, just for fun.

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By dhert
On February 16, 2011
At 3:30 pm
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