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Saudi Revolution, coming to a Middle East near you.

With most all of the Middle East on fire one of the last bastions of stability has been Saudi Arabia. So far at least there has only been minimal protests and demonstrations, and those were largely related to the Governments response to flooding. Well, it seems that a Saudi revolution is being scheduled through facebook.

If this revolution actually gains any traction I fear we may wish for the days of Jimmy Carter. A day when even far left Presidents would use force to protect our access to oil in the Middle East. Or even days when we could have started drilling at home to get our dependence on foreign entities down (they say the process would take around a decade).

Back in December an ex-Shell Oil boss was predicting $5 a gallon gas by 2012, but that didn’t include this sort of unrest in the Middle East. If this trend continues we could see $4 a gallon gas by early Summer and $5 a gallon gas by Winter of this year, and that is a hopeful prediction that doesn’t account for an actual uprising in Saudi Arabia. If a real uprising happens in Saudi Arabia then all bets are off, our gas prices could double or triple and gas could likely become a very rare commodity.

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By dhert
On February 22, 2011
At 9:55 am
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