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Egypt’s leader, Hosni Mubarak, is now making concessions to the protesters throughout the country. Promises include reform of the current government and that Mubarak will not run for reelection, but no promises to move the government to a true democracy which is what all of the protesting was for. President Obama spoke about the events today with a stance opposite the one held on Monday, urging that an orderly transition “must be meaningful, must be peaceful and must begin now”, but what should we expect to see?

Mubarak has indicated that, to this point, the current government will stay in place and reforms will be made to it. He will not run for reelection, though we can assume that his son would run in his place as he has been groomed to take over. That, however, assumes that Egypt makes it to the elections in September. Even ‘Opposition Leader’ ElBaradei has stated that Mubarak will not only be a “lame-duck president” but also a “dead man walking” if he doesn’t step down before the next election (I apologize for the bit of Propaganda at the end of the video):

This indicates to me that there will be a tough road ahead for the country and the region. So long as Egypt remains in turmoil other countries will seize on the opportunity to begin revolutions of their own. Should someone like ElBaradei and the Muslim Brotherhood seize power in Egypt it would only further deteriorate US relations in the region.

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By dhert
On February 1, 2011
At 11:59 pm
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