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Bengals: Marvin Lewis vs. Chad Johnson

This offseason has been full of jabs between Marvin Lewis and Chad Johnson (Ochocinco). You could say that it started in Week 17 when Chad sat out of the Ravens game and Lewis challenged his commitment to the team (after Chad had visibly been playing injured since the Monday night game). After that there was a ton of drama through January and Chad talked a bunch of trash even going as far to say that he wanted to fight Lewis in a “cage match”.

Since then the back and forth between the two has been minimal, everyone has been focusing on Carson Palmer and all the changes taking place around Paul Brown Stadium. That is, until today when someone asked Lewis what he thought of Chad’s MLS tryout. Lewis went on to slam Chad by saying:

“How does he do at anything? What has he ever done that he’s completed? What circle has he ever connected in any way?”

Way to be an adult, Marvin Lewis. Rather than say something productive, encouraging or just simply “no comment” you go and blast him on a national stage. Aren’t you supposed to be a leader on the team, setting good examples for everyone in the organization? Instead you yourself help create more distractions and drama for the Bengals.

Remember the old proverb: If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Both you and Chad could learn from those words of wisdom.

Its no wonder Carson Palmer would rather retire than play another season with this team, they’re literally self destructing in front of our very eyes. Certainly there is someone on the team who is willing to step up and be an adult, set an example and lead this team. It almost seems as if Carson has been the only leader on this football team all along.

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By dhert
On March 22, 2011
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