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Glenn Beck Common Sense Comedy

I arrived home from the Glenn Beck simulcast about an hour ago.  Since the end of the show I’ve had some time to reflect, and I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed the act.  I’ll start with reviewing the first half initially, and finish with the second.

First Half:

The first half, while poignant, was often jovial and quite entertaining.  I must say that I literally almost pee’d myself during the first half of the show (and I had been sure to try to keep that from happening before it started).  Jokes directed at Barney Frank, the Bailouts, Media and Federal Political figures kept the audience laughing and clapping.  The audience in my theater often joined in clapping along with the crowd that was watching the experience live in Kansas City.  The first half of the show left me completely entertained and racing to the bathroom to empty my bladder in anticipation for the second half.

Second Half:

When Glenn came out from the intermission wearing the Revolutionary era garb, I had a feeling it was headed more towards the serious stuff that some of us have been seeing (and particularly those of us that listen to/watch the Glenn Beck Program frequently).  I was quite thrilled that he went over more of this stuff, went into the actual history of what set Paul Reviere out to warn the villages and talked about his book (my copy will be here Monday, despite the 6/16 release date, for some reason… Thanks Amazon) Common Sense.  I personally can’t wait to recieve my copy and will crack open its cover and start digging in as soon as I come home and find it on my door step.

Anyway, he went into stuff that he has covered on the FoxNews show before.  Tyranny —- Anarchy, Freedom and where our Founders placed us on that Tyranny —|– Anarchy grid versus where we are today (my grid is a tad bit small comparatively).  He threw in some comedy, but overall the second half was more serious in tone than that of the first.  It certainly didn’t detract from the show and was geared correctly for his audience (though my wife may disagree with me on the entertainment that it provided).


If you have a chance to catch a replay of the simulcast next week (6/11), I highly suggest that you do.  All Americans should see this comedy show, regardless of your political leanings.

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By dhert
On June 4, 2009
At 11:50 pm
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