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I need an Adult.

I always knew the parenting gig was going to be a tough one. For some reason, though, I thought I was ready for it (while at the same time thinking that no one is ever ready for it). After my second night alone with our 12 day old Daughter I can safely say that I was not ready, astoundingly so.

The first night is what I’m going to say was “a breeze”. She pooped, she peed, she ate and she slept. Done and Done. The second night was nothing like the first. She screamed, she ate, she ate some more, she ate EVEN MOAR, she screamed some more, she refused to sleep and she SCREAMED SOME MOAR.

By the 3rd hour I was pretty much at my limit, and I was only half way through the night. So what did I do? I acted like a baby myself. I screamed, I cried, I threw stuff (thankfully shes not at that stage yet, though I do believe she threw her binky in her crib). In the end, I’m a wreck that is just now eating dinner at 11:20pm and ready for bed. The baby is now asleep and Amy is looking over her.

Chances Amy gets sleep tonight are better than last night, though.

A couple pics of Ms. Audrey Bryn:

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By dhert
On March 9, 2011
At 11:26 pm
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