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Went Biking instead

New Bikes So my Culinary skills, or lack there of, didn’t get any use today. Instead we went and used some of the gift cards we got from our wedding on brand new bikes. We ended up calling a couple of our friends and going to one of the local parks to ride them around.

At the park we did 3 miles, which is about 3 miles more than I’ve ridden a bike in the past 7 years or so. It was a great time and we all had a lot of fun, I’m sure we’ll be doing it a lot more since I’m sort of on a health kick recently. Afterwards we went to Fridays to eat and while I did eat heathier than I normally would have, I certainly didn’t eat as healthy as I could have… someone slap me on the wrists, I’ve been bad.

On that note, while we were down in Florida we ate at Bahama Breeze where I had a beautifully done appetizer of Chicken wings in a sweet Habanero sauce. That wasn’t the best part because for dinner I had a jerk painted Salmon that came with the most wonderful salsa. It was called Apple Mango Salsa, and as soon as I sampled it I said “I want this on a burrito.” Thankfully due to the powers of the internet its entirely possible to do, so I present you with this recipe.

Apple Mango Salsa

½ pound – Apples Granny Smith, core removed, diced ¼”
½ pound – Mango, firm ripe peeled, diced ¼”
4 oz wt – Red bell pepper, diced ¼”
4 oz wt – Red onion, diced ¼”
½ cup – Orange juice, fresh squeezed
2 Tbsp – Lime juice, fresh squeezed
3 Tbsp – Cilantro, chopped ¼”
Salt to taste
Place all the ingredients in a large bowl and mix well to evenly combine.
Serve chilled. ENJOY!!
Serves 6.
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By dhert
On May 29, 2008
At 10:22 pm
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