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The Achievement Points of Parenting.

So I was thinking today that being spit up on was like 50 “parenting points”, but then realized that this was probably an inflated value and that I should sit down and figure out a points system completely. What did I come up with? See for yourself:

Spit Up – White: 10
Spit Up – Yellow: 10
Spit Up – Greenish: 10
Spit Up – Clear: 10
Spit Up – Brown: 10
Spitting Up the Rainbow (spit up all colors): 50
Getting Spit up on twice before grabbing a towel (Double Kill): 25
Brown/Mustard poo: 10
Yellow poo: 10
Green poo: 10
Black poo: 10
Orange poo: 10
Pooping the Rainbow (poo’d all colors): 50
Crawling: 25
First steps: 50
Babbling: 25
First words: 50
Sleep in swing: 10
Sleep in bassinet: 20
Sleep in Crib: 20
Slept through the night: 100
Finished Newborn diapers: 10
Finished Stage 1 diapers: 10
Finished Stage 2 diapers: 10
Finished Stage 3 diapers: 10
End of diapers: 25
Potty Trained: 50
First day of School: 100
First ‘play date’: 25
First haircut: 10
First baby food: 25
First solid food: 25
First nightmare: 25
First aspiration: 50
First book read on own: 50
First ‘I love you’ said to parents: 50

Totaling 1000 points, just like your common Xbox game. 36 “achievements” for 1000 points, to be exact. So far I’ve got 10 achievements for 135 points.


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By dhert
On March 9, 2011
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What will become of Egypt?

Only time will tell us exactly what the outcome of the revolution in Egypt will be. Personally I’ve heard everything from 1791 America to 1979 Iran and everything in-between. The true nature of the “new democracy” will show its face to everyone once the dust has settled on the streets and their new leaders are voted in.

The one comparison I haven’t heard is 1933 Germany, most likely because that was a “democratic” take over with Hitler being voted into power. However, with the Islamic fascists running the uprising in Egypt would a comparison to early 30s Germany be that far off? I estimate that it would not be too far, specifically if the Muslim Brotherhood is able to take power in the country.

History has a tendency to repeat itself, whether we notice it or not. Its usually when we least realize it that something important has happened that somewhat mirrors a prior event in history, when its something major like this we tend to over-analyze and miss the major storyline that truly should be noticed. In this case, the fascists in the Muslim Brotherhood and their propping up ElBaradei.

The next few months of Egypt’s political scene should be interesting to watch unfold. They should be paid attention to much like a scientist would when testing a major theory. What happens with the elections and in the time after, depending on which group takes power, will point us in the direction that Egypt is headed… hopefully that is not in a 1917 Russia, 1933 Germany or 1979 Iran path.

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By dhert
On February 12, 2011
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Discontent in Middle East Spreads

Early reports indicate that demonstrations have started in Iraq. The demonstrations are said to be much like those that have taken place in Tunisia and Egypt. The fate of Iraq should concern us all, given it holds within it’s borders the site of Ancient Babylon.

It may be important to note that the one site never to be touched during all US operations in Iraq is Babylon. Also important to note is that Babylon is the prophesied seat of power for a new Islamic Caliphate, should one form, as well as a false prophet who comes before the second coming of Jesus (or, as some have researched, the 12th Imam). Both are scary possibilities, but could still be decades to centuries away.

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By dhert
On February 9, 2011
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Bengals new O.C.

Bengals have hired on a new Offensive Coordinator, Jay Gruden. The last name should sound familiar if you follow football, since Jon Gruden lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a Super Bowl XXVII victory in 2002. Jay is Jon’s brother and was an Offensive Assistant Coach with Tampa Bay during that season (and up til ’08).

So what should we expect? Smash Mouth Football. We’re talking Fullback in the back field running in front of our Running Back and clearing massive holes style. This is the kind of change you would expect to see for a team planning on keeping their current Running Backs and losing major names in the passing game. So long as the Offensive Line holds together and we can keep up the production we’ve had on the Defense and Special Teams it could mark a stark difference from this year where we had no real identity on Offense. It also means having someone in the O.C. job that will hold the Offensive players accountable for everything they do both on and off the field.

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By dhert
On February 3, 2011
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Moving on…

I’ve been an active member in World of Warcraft since March of 2005. I’ve taken time off here and there, my longest stretch being about 6 months during Wrath of the Lich King. I still enjoy the game, however I’m also about to become a father. Amidst all of that I am also unemployed and currently working on several ideas while sending out my resume and fighting with unemployment.

Needless to say, there’s a lot of change going on around the house, a lot of creativity I’m trying to channel and a lot of reading that I’m doing. I’m starting to feel that I’ve used WoW as a crutch to not face my problems, both past and present, and that it’s time to cut the cord and face feelings I’ve been avoiding for around a decade. I’ve thought maybe I can just cut down my gameplay to a couple hours a day, but that still becomes a hindrance in my quest to become a better man for my family and myself.

And to think all of this has been spurred by church and ‘The 7’ by Glenn Beck and Dr. Keith Ablow. I don’t know if this is my “come to Jesus” moment, it could be. I just know that I feel as though I’m being called to do something greater and I have distractions getting in my way.

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By dhert
On January 20, 2011
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So I’ve been drawing recently, this is an early version of something I’ve been drawing. I think there are a lot of different meanings in the drawing, or at least the concept that is in my head. Once its completed and colored I will have it on the site for everyone to enjoy and critique.

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By dhert
On January 18, 2011
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Helping people move…

D in a B… in 90 degree heat is not fun, except for when you make it fun. To the left you see our friend Gabe and a hilarious picture inspired by “Dick in a Box”. Now he didn’t actually do any steps from the song, but he did manage to get it to stay there which was both impressive and comedic.

The moving, overall, wasn’t bad. There were a few flights of stairs to carry stuff up, but it was a good workout (that also happened to be much needed). The worst part of the whole thing was the bird bath, considering it was a solid concrete design rather than the usual hollowed out base with a heavy bottom. Carried that by myself which probably wasn’t so good on the ol’ back, but that hasn’t been giving me as many problems recently (must be the decreased time sitting in front of the computer and more time actually doing something).

And now for your enjoyment I give you “Dick in a Box”.

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By dhert
On June 7, 2008
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