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And so it begins…

The two of us cutting our wedding cakeSo the wedding went off without a hitch, or at least one that was easily ignored. We got married 12 days ago (on the 16th of May). We had a blast with most of our friends and family and partied as was necessary.

We left for the honeymoon the next day, down in good ol’ humid Orlando, FL.  We visited Disney, Seaworld and Medieval Times (great food and a good show, btw). Basically we just had a great week together enjoying each others company.

Now that we’re back I’ve set up this little site.  I plan to make some improvements along the way and personalize it a lot more.  For now, this is it… but expect to see a lot of changes through the next couple months.

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By dhert
On May 28, 2008
At 9:49 pm
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